From November 2020, the walls under the viaduct for the A2 on the Welschapsedijk have been changed into a graphic design, which seems to be changed by dynamically colored LED lighting.

The artwork on the Welschapsedijk is part of the Overbruggen project. The city of Eindhoven is pursuing a number of practical goals by painting tunnels. The painting protects the concrete, has a function in preventing vandalism and is good for social safety. A total of thirteen works of art will be realized that show what happens behind the usually closed doors of the high-tech production industry in the region. To this end, collaborations are facilitated between artists or designers and production companies from the region. Under the initiative of Overbruggen, two viaducts have already been provided with works of art inspired by the Eindhoven high-tech industry: Elburglaan / Tilburgseweg and Anthony Fokkerweg / Beatrixkanaal.

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About the artist

Motion Paintings

The design comes from the Amsterdam-Eindhoven collective Motion Paintings.
The designers are inspired for their new work by the development of electron microscopes by the company Thermo Fisher Scientific. Similar to the operation of a microscope, special LED lighting causes different layers of color in the design to change. This creates an illusion of movement and the graphics come to life. The design can be seen as a playful, artistic exploration of cellular, molecular and atomic worlds. Motion Paintings strives to make the hidden molecular world more accessible to the general public.

Permanent artworksPermanent artworksPermanent artworksPermanent artworks Permanent artworksPermanent artworksPermanent artworksPermanent artworks
Permanent artworks

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