SUNSEEKER is a contemporary, sustainable and interactive form of street lighting in Eindhoven, but can also be considered a work of light art. A 500-meter-long string of light modules serves as aesthetic signage during the day, a guide at night, and the connecting route between the station and Strijp.

The pendulum of umbrella-shaped lanterns meets the ambition of the municipality to create an energy-neutral park with the Victoria Park to provide the surrounding homes with energy. With this project, the designers make us think about sustainability in a different way by letting us experience an alternative, dynamic and poetic lighting designs that create wonder and imagination.

Sunlight during the day ensures that the lights can also burn at night. The lamps in the SUNSEEKER can be programmed so that the light can dim, change color or become brighter as soon as people walk by. The skylight serves as signage, guide in the night and forms a connecting route from A to B, such as from the center of Eindhoven to Strijp. During the day, the spectacle can be experienced by the lanterns moving towards the sun. The bottom of the ring of the lighting module also lights up like a halo when you are lying or walking in the park.

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About the artist


SUNSEEKER is the result of a collaboration between various parties. Eindhoven designer duo Sam van Gurp and Esther Jongsma set up studio VANTOT together. With their studio, they took on the role of project leader and bridge builder between the creative world and other participants such as the municipality of Eindhoven and the province of Brabant, and regional specialists such as builders, project developers, engineers, solar cell suppliers and research centers.

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