For GLOW, Max Sudhues took on the challenge of bringing life back to the long-abandoned TD-building. Behind forty windows scattered across the facade, he places a glass filled with water on an overhead projector. Small pumps create bubbles in the water. The shadow of the glass of water appears as a dark spot on the windows, which have been made semi-transparent with buttermilk. From the outside, these dark spots in the bright environment resemble eyes curiously looking at the audience.

The projectors are linked to turn on one by one. As the water begins to bubble, the eyes appear to shine and sparkle. At the end of the program, all projectors are turned off simultaneously, and the light gradually fades. With simple means, Sudhues creates a dreamlike world.

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About the artist

Max Sudhues

Max Sudhues creates light installations using collage and assemblage techniques with very mundane everyday objects. By projecting these objects, often with the help of an old-fashioned overhead projector, their appearance completely changes. The altered proportions and textures make the objects hardly recognizable.

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