About GLOW

About GLOW

In November GLOW Eindhoven organizes the international light art festival GLOW. A large exhibition in the public space of Eindhoven with about 30 light artists from the Netherlands and abroad. The light art projects are connected by a walking route. The event has grown from 45,000 visitors during the first edition of GLOW in 2006, to a record number of more than 750,000 visitors during the 2019 edition. With this, GLOW Eindhoven has acquired a position in the top five of the most visited light festivals in the world. GLOW’s distinctive character lies in the ambition to create light art every year, with a focus on innovation and talent development. Through a route, hundreds of thousands of visitors walk past the artworks and literally see Eindhoven in a different light. The route is a place where different people meet and share experiences. From young to old, national or international, it is clear that GLOW creates shared moments across all layers of society.


GLOW is an independent Foundation with a permanent team at its core. A team that is committed to making GLOW a great success every year. With the aim that everyone – young, old, from Eindhoven or far beyond – can enjoy this international light art festival. In the run-up and during the festival period in November, the team is expanded to include temporary, flexible staff.

Management and board – Ronald Ramakers
Production management – Bart van Bokhoven & Swen Roux
Business management & partners – Suzanne Maas
Marketing strategy – Ralf van Lieshout
GLOW Lab & GLOW Academy – Gijsje Broekmans & Sabine Swinkels
Secretariat – Nelleke van Doorn & Marianne Kiemeney

Supervisory board

GLOW is managed according to a supervisory board model. In particular, the Supervisory Board ensures that the implementation of the management policy is consistent with the approved and adopted policy plans and management principles. Members of the Supervisory Board must have an affinity with the cultural and social objectives of the GLOW Foundation. When selecting members of the Supervisory Board, relevant areas of expertise are taken into account (organisation, finance, legal affairs, marketing, sponsoring, diversity), and attention is paid to various interests (visitors/friends, cultural sector, businesses etc.). These are unpaid positions.

G. Dierick (Chairman)
D. van den Broek – Kooijmans (Treasurer)
K. Sanders (Board member)
S. Kok (Board member)
H. Van der Plas (Board member)
I. Frings (Board member)



Name – Stichting GLOW Eindhoven
KvK – 54151368
RSIN – 851193614

Contact details
Postbus 1288
5602BG Eindhoven

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