Ik zie, ik zie...

Ik zie, ik zie...

DOMUSDELA & De Paterskerk

I spy, I spy… On the outer grounds of DOMUSDELA, you’ll find intrigued children peering outside. The light from the atrium unveils self-portraits of children. Who are these children, and what do they want to show us? The colors beckon us to enter the church and discover what the children wish to reveal to us.

Inside the nave of the Paterskerk, a sea of flowers stretches out before us. Hundreds of three-dimensional luminous flowers, created by children from Eindhoven and its surroundings, welcome you as a visitor. Everywhere you look, you see color, contours, and warmth. On the interior walls, windows appear and disappear, breaking open the building. Stained glass showcases scenes and self-portraits of the children. Inside and out, the children look around in wonder to see how their flowers are being observed. Their eyes flicker with surprise.

Primary school children create these flowers for all GLOW visitors. But also for residents of care homes and other Eindhoven residents who are unable to attend the light festival. After the light festival concludes, all the flowers are gifted to those who didn’t get a chance to experience the flower spectacle. Because everyone deserves a little light and a flower.

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About the artist

Hugo Vrijdag

Hugo Vrijdag (1970) graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven. As a visual artist and designer, he combines his fascination with technology with storytelling. He writes stories that are adapted into films, with the props he designs taking center stage in the movies. He is a co-founder of the science centers The Discovery Factory (Eindhoven), The Discovery Station (Tilburg), and The Invention Factory (Breda). Over the years, Hugo Vrijdag has created artworks in public spaces and light installations for previous GLOW editions, including the projects ‘Birds’ and ‘Sunflowers for Van Gogh’. Characteristic of his work is the combination of narrative and technology.

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