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Did you know that GLOW’s light artworks are primarily created in Eindhoven? No? Then read on. GLOW is a global leader in the development of light art and light technology. To maintain the innovative character of the festival, we have developed GLOW Labs in which companies or students can work together with professionals. Research labs, workshops and creative hubs in one. Eindhoven-based companies, artists, technicians, designers, institutes, students and residents come together here to work on creating new, modern light artworks. The GLOW Labs will include brainstorming sessions about innovation, products and sustainability issues. The results are unique, homegrown light artworks. The city makes GLOW!

Each GLOW Lab has its own ‘light team’. These multi-disciplinary teams work together intensively on a project. They imagine, invent and innovate to achieve the best possible results. Of course, various technical and economic factors also play a role in the process.

The assignments are rooted in society and the challenge is to find an answer in the form of a temporary or (semi) permanent light artwork or light project. Of course, all teams are supervised by light artists, professionals and experts. The often-groundbreaking ideas are tested for feasibility and presented to a jury. The essence of the GLOW Labs is that research and hands-on development can influence each other. The jury selects an idea which is then further developed as a prototype for GLOW. Ultimately, the creation is presented during GLOW festival.


At most GLOWlabs we use the principles of a design sprint. We start from the question and explore the theme with all those involved.


A first team is then put together and the issue is tested.


This team brainstorms and generates ideas that include other disciplines.


These ideas are tested for feasibility and presented to a jury. The jury chooses an idea to develop into a prototype for GLOW.


Are you curious about how a GLOW Lab can work for your organization? Please get in touch with Sabine Swinkel for more information.

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