The Stream

W e l c o m e t o T h e S t r e a m , t h e t h e m e o f G L O W l i g h t a r t f e s t i v a l

The Stream

In the dawn of GLOW, this year unveils the theme of The Stream, exploring the essence of flow in all its facets. Like a river, crowd, and trend gradually flowing through the streets and meandering through squares and parks, bringing forth the tangible energy of people in motion.

The Stream is essential; it represents the natural force we possess to move, navigate, and evolve. Without this continuous flow, everything becomes stagnant. The Stream is not confined solely to water or electricity; it also has a cultural dimension. Streams regulate social interactions and define our gathering places; despite their fluidity, they have the ability to bind us. Like a crowd steadily moving through lanes, unconsciously opting for subtle, unofficial pathways, or a flock of birds selecting a direction without leadership yet moving collectively.

As a perpetual phenomenon, between high and low, ascent and descent, positive and negative, The Stream brings balance, calm, and harmony to the shifting waves. It guides the audience along the lines of light art in the city and its surroundings. The balance of local, national, and international artists reflects this dynamism on the canvas of the region. Crucial to The Stream is its extension to the surrounding municipalities in the Eindhoven region. Where Geldrop, Mierlo, Waalre, Oirschot, and Best previously illuminated their buildings and squares, GLOW welcomes even more municipalities in 2024.

In 2023, The Beat manifested as a pulsating beginning, with The Stream spreading energy to celebrate the 20th anniversary of GLOW as a comprehensive whole during The Light in 2025.

The Stream flows and illuminates the environment, transforming the familiar image into a surprising spectacle. So that even more people can meet each other and experience the beauty of light and their surroundings.

We look forward to meeting you during The Stream, from November 9th to 16th, 2024.

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