This is Loop, an interactive lighting installation made by Team IGNITE. Loop is a research project by 22 students of Eindhoven University of Technology, who are conducting a study on how people interact with different interaction objects. During GLOW 2018 our installation, which reaches a height of four meter, is being controlled by the audience. Several interaction modules placed in front of Loop give people the opportunity to control the light of the installation, by performing different actions.

During this year’s festival, all data from the modules and audience will be gathered and analyzed for future installations. The top modules will be further developed and are going to be implemented in Hypar, our bigger installation that we will present during GLOW 2019.

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About the artist


We are IGNITE, a student team from the Eindhoven University of Technology. With 22 students of the faculties Industrial Design and Built Environment, we want to create a lighting installation for GLOW 2018. We believe that the future of human work skills is a cross-cultural collaboration by people with different backgrounds and expertise areas. This triggered the establishment of IGNITE, which embraces and combines the different expertise areas of the students to create a strong light installation for GLOW 2018.

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