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With the help of our partners, friends, and supporters, we have been able to make GLOW 2023 the most visited edition ever. We thank everyone who contributed to this.

Looking ahead, in 2024, a very special project is on the list. A light show in the Philips Stadion like never seen before by international artist Kari Kola. He previously colored Eindhoven blue and created a light artwork around UNESCO heritage Stonehenge. To make the show in the Philips Stadion freely accessible to all GLOW visitors, we need your help as a partner. That’s why in 2024, we are organizing a preview where you will hear all the ins and outs about this special project.

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As a partner, you leverage GLOW as a platform where social engagement, networking opportunities, employee engagement, talent development, strengthening the region, and commercial visibility converge. GLOW serves as a stage to tell a story and provides organizations with the opportunity to reach new audiences and deepen existing relationships. As a partner, you will receive:

  • A stake in the (inter)national development of the region.
  • Access to a large network and entry to GLOW events.
  • Extensive commercial reach, reaching up to 4 million online.
  • Mention on the website, social media, signage during the festival.
  • Increased employee satisfaction by enabling light art for everyone.
  • Communication (planning) and copy, visuals, teaser, and aftermovie.
  • Positive customer image and satisfaction through positioning.
  • Research opportunities and access to educational institutions, businesses, and social organizations.
  • Contribution to a positive business climate in the Brainport region.

You can contribute to GLOW 2024 in various ways. In addition to being a partner of the Philips Stadion project, you can become a Friend and be part of an informal network of around 200 entrepreneurs, support GLOW with a sponsorship amount, or join as a partner in a GLOW Lab to develop light art together with colleagues. If you’re a hospitality entrepreneur, you can also become an official GLOW Host. View the image on the right for more details.

Interested or need more information? Feel free to contact Suzanne Maas without any obligation.

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