Forest II

Forest II

A forest is both an architectural space and a living organism. This concept is central to Forest II. Thirty fluorescent tubes hang vertically in a room, resembling trees in a forest. Visitors are invited to enter the installation. As they move through the space, they notice that the light intensity of the lamps fluctuates. Additionally, the sound, consisting of buzzing, creaking, and crackling, changes.

The programming of the work is complex and dependent on various factors, making it impossible to precisely predict which movement leads to which outcome. As the artificial forest reacts to the audience and occasionally surprises them unexpectedly, it appears to truly come alive and want to communicate with the visitors.

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About the artist

Chris Ziegler

In Chris Ziegler’s works, new media and performing arts are intertwined into interactive installations. He focuses on the transformation that occurs when information is converted from one medium to another, demonstrating how challenging it is to trace the final results back to the source in such cases.

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