Shine on

Shine on

Shine On consists of a series of adjacent projection screens above a tranquil water surface. The images displayed are fragments from films, all featuring scenes with explosions. As the images are mirrored in the adjacent screens and in the water, they form a kaleidoscopic image. The sound of the explosions, an impressive rumble, remains unchanged and contrasts with the aesthetic images that have somewhat lost their sense of threat in the symmetrical composition.

Appropriately, Shine On is presented in an old matchstick factory. In 1884, Mennen and Keunen established themselves in the building. As early as 1870, they had founded the first major matchstick factory in the country on what would later become Bergstraat. In 1916, the property was sold to the company Van der Meulen-Ansems, which used it as a garage until 2007.

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About the artist

Klaus Obermaier

Klaus Obermaier shows that with new media and contemporary technology, works of great beauty and subtlety can be achieved. He creates large-scale installations and performances, as well as internet art, video art, and electronic music.

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