The shadow of our behavior in light.

The influence of humans on the landscape is more visible and tangible than ever. Starry skies, and especially the Milky way, can only be admired from a few places.

To appreciate the beauty of the night, you need to go in search of darkness. A dark night contributes to a unique natural experience. Unfortunately, much of the Netherlands is bathed in a sea of artificial light at night.

The Netherlands is one of the most light-polluted countries in the world. To my mind, light pollution is an undervalued topic in our current exploration of climate issues.

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About the artist

Tessa van Rijn

Tessa van Rijn (1988) is a photographer and graduated in 2017 at the Royal Academy of Visual Arts. Based on experiments and science studies, I investigate the relationship between mankind, technology and nature. Within these fields, I focus on the influence of mankind on its natural surroundings. Especially for GLOW and in the ‘city of light’ Eindhoven, I challenged myself to create a light artwork which focused on the shadow (dark) side of our light behavior.

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