Divided Spaces

Divided Spaces

The winning video projection by Van Meerendonk and Zybinska, who both graduated from St. Joost Art School in Breda in 2016, can be seen on the façade of the Student Hotel on the Stationsplein.

In the winning video projection the façade of the high building will be divided into four floors that each represents a student’s room. The four floors are based on four elements of light not visible to the human eye. In turn, one of the four floors is zoomed in on, providing the public with an artistic view of the daily life of a student.

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About the artist

Jelle van Meerendonk & Paulina Zybinska

Jelle van Meerendonk specializes in 2D animation. His style is driven by storytelling, non-realistic characters and absurd scenes. His continuing interest in human behavior and surroundings enable him to tell immense stories.

Paulina Zybinska‘s fascinations with a variety of media lead to experiments in the field of animation. She explores how storytelling can work beyond the borders of this medium. Additionally, she focusses on video mapping, VR and interactive installations.

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