Grote Berg

On the construction site at Grote Berg, used lighting fixtures are given a second life. The setup resembles a symphonic orchestra with a choir. The fixtures, ready to be demolished, previously ensured our safety on the streets and helped us navigate. They illuminated our streets, bike paths, roadways, sports fields, and served as traffic or orientation lights.

All fixtures are equipped with controllable Philips HUE bulbs that can take on countless colors of light. Each revived lighting fixture represents an instrument, choir member, or soloist. The orchestra performs Mozart’s Requiem, with each fixture synchronized with the score of an instrument or singer. Pitch is translated into a ‘light color,’ and sound intensity determines its brightness. All of this is thanks to the arrangement Rot8ion (by Rob van Rooij).

The installation is a tribute to all lighting elements for their faithful service. After GLOW, most fixtures can rest. Some refurbished fixtures have been so successfully rehabilitated that they can embark on a new illuminated life. You can purchase them! Through, you can have a radiant lighting fixture in your home.

All fixtures, which were already prepared as waste, were provided by the municipality of Eindhoven and Heijmans, Spie, Avalite, and Smartlight. The lamps and control systems were sponsored by Signify.

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About the artist

Har Hollands

Har Hollands leads a renowned lighting design firm based in Eindhoven, active worldwide. His specialization lies in creating effective and adaptable architectural lighting effects and atmospheres, both for the exterior and interior spaces of buildings. Additionally, he has extensive experience in designing lighting systems for various applications, such as shopping centers, public spaces, historical sites, industrial heritage, monuments, and civil engineering projects. What characterizes his work is the art of fully harnessing the poetic, dramatic, and enchanting power of light.

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