Explosion Light Organ

Explosion Light Organ


It bangs and it explodes at Victoria Park. Driving beams of light dance to rhythmic explosions and soundscapes. The Explosion Light Organ is a bewildering constellation, seemingly briefly landed to make contact. The fringes of Victoria Park form the perfect base to explore humanity. Three massive light sources swirl vibrating light signals into the pitch-black ether. The meaning of this is mysterious, but making contact seems to be the goal.

Controlled gas explosions take place in gigantic steel tubes. Loud bangs that are live-edited into extraterrestrial soundscapes. Through the use of analog effect equipment and live arrangement by Epic Rick, this will sound different every evening. This live soundscape is scattered over the audience through three steel horns.

This is the third work that Kinetic Humor has created for GLOW with renovated WWII searchlights (known as ‘Carbon Arcs’) in the setup. Last year, you saw two of them lighting up Lucy high in the sky by the canal. In this edition, they engage in experimental interaction. The three searchlights shine powerfully straight up through three huge, water-filled, deformable lenses. The vibrations of the music change the shape of the lenses, thus transforming every light beam that goes into the air. This means that the light beams shooting into the sky constantly change in shape and pattern. You will never be able to see the same image twice. Nerd alert: Can you name all the states of matter involved in this project?

Live music: Epic Rick (Richard van Kruysdijk) Assistance: Koen van der Merwe Spaceship design contribution: Leffe Goldstein and Jürgen de Wolf

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' E x p l o s i o n L i g h t O r g a n : a s p a c e c r a f t i n s e a r c h o f c o n n e c t i o n '

About the artists

Kinetic Humor & Epic Rick

Ivo Schoofs loves to experiment, build prototypes, create kinetic art, moving light objects, and festival installations. He didn’t study physics for nothing. “I want to show the beauty of science and technology in a way that people can understand,” he told the Eindhovens Dagblad in 2017. As a young boy, he was already making things and creating objects or building devices. It stimulated his fascination with natural and physical phenomena such as gravity, motion, heat, light, lightning, and friction. Schoofs’ light art is often based on these natural and physical phenomena.

Pepe Heijnen is interested in connecting technology and art. Since childhood, he has been working with cables, ropes, and other connections. As a broadly trained electrical engineer in high and low voltage, he specializes in electronics and automation. Due to his wonder for machinery and motion, physics, lightning, and the world of Nikola Tesla, he is fascinated by tying up technical loose ends in art, fiction, and experience. Pepe has created several works for GLOW and is a trusted Eindhoven artist.

Richard van Kruysdijk specializes in hybrid forms of multimedia art and live performance. Under the name Epic Rick, he creates a large amount of analog effects and intuitive soundscapes, with improvisation playing a significant role. In addition to his visual work, he also works as a producer/composer and multi-instrumentalist on music projects, ranging from post-punk to electronic drone, from multimedia theater productions to industrial techno. He is also involved as a composer and live musician with various (inter)national dance companies. His musical work can be heard on numerous releases and on stages all over the world, from alternative pop clubs across Europe to avant-garde festivals and theaters.

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