For GLOW, Peter Kozma completely transforms the appearance of the Markt. All sides of the square are illuminated, immersing visitors in the artwork. Using 21 projectors and a sound system, a poetic story is told. Slowly shifting images create an ever-changing composition that gradually becomes more complex, vibrant, and colorful. The transformation from minimal shapes and restrained use of colors to an abundance of patterns and colors, and back again, varies each day as different images are used each evening.

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About the artist

Peter Kozma

Peter Kozma realizes projections of enormous dimensions. By using a large number of projectors, he can illuminate entire buildings, blocks of houses, and even entire squares. Through light, he adds an extra layer of meaning to the location, emphasizing prominent elements and letting others fade into the background. His aim is to take the audience out of their daily routine and encourage them to see the familiar environment with fresh eyes.

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