On a blind wall in Genderstraatje, a large projection is displayed. The image flickers and changes as if there is interference. Sometimes, the wall itself is visible, and at other times, an altered version appears, with inconspicuous details highlighted, colors shifting, or the image moving. Jeroen Glas projects a recording of the wall onto the same wall. By manipulating the projected image, the wall sometimes appears to exist only as a virtual image until the lighting changes, and the tangible wall is recognizable again.

When viewing the image, one quickly becomes engrossed in the illusion, similar to playing a video game or observing a painting. Only when the image stutters or contains errors does one realize they are looking at a representation and attention shifts to the medium. Genderstraatje is filled with graffiti, and the wall contains various elements considered unattractive: traces of renovations, different types of bricks, and stainless steel chimneys. Jeroen Glas, with an installation that seems to glitch, draws attention to the beauty of these “flaws.”

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About the artist

Jeroen Glas

Jeroen Glas works at the intersection of painting and light art. He creates paintings where the color and composition are determined by lamps placed behind the canvas. Additionally, he designs light installations with a painterly appearance.

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Projects. 2010.

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