Vestdijk and other locations in the city

Ask any Dutch person what Eindhoven is famous for, and there is a good chance you will hear the terms “city of light’” and “technology capital” in their answers. But… an important part of Eindhoven’s Urban Skin that is less well-known is the bustling student life. There are no less than 35.5 thousand students in the inner city every week, of which 17.5 thousand have also found somewhere to live. It’s quite remarkable that 15% of Eindhoven residents are students but the city itself is not known as a student city. Student society SSRE wants to change this with this project!

SSRE GLOWcie approached all local students to put Eindhoven in the spotlight. Walk through the city during GLOW and you can’t miss all the facades displaying a beating heart. Each heart indicates the location of a student house. The presence of these hearts in such large numbers hopefully gives an impression of how important the students are to the city and how important Eindhoven is to them. All these beating hearts come together in one artwork in the headquarters of the SSRE student society. Enjoy the cosy atmosphere and meet the enthusiastic students who have created this project. They are happy to answer your questions and have a chat!

Many ‘prototype’ hearts were made. The biggest challenge was to find suitable batteries that would last the whole duration of GLOW. It was also tricky to make an attractive matching pattern of light using only electrical components. Both problems were solved by switching to a programmable microcomputer, that uses a clock-controlled programme to make the hearts shine, all GLOW long! For all other problems the students encountered during the project, there were always professionals they could turn to for help.

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" E i n d h o v e n m o e t o p d e k a a r t w o r d e n g e z e t a l s s t u d e n t e n s t a d ! "

About the artist


The general student society SSRE has created the Glowcie especially for GLOW. A group of thirteen students came together, each of them a volunteer and enthusiastic to contribute to the GLOW project. They also see the importance of adding something to Eindhoven and their student days in addition to their technical studies. Although they are all very different, they have learned from each other during this project and have discovered that they are all willing to work hard on something inspiring and cool. All the students in the commission are following different courses and have worked on various previous projects. As a result, everyone has a different speciality and together they have bundled a huge amount of knowledge and skills. Some members of the commission were involved in the Har Hollands project last year which gave them prior knowledge about a collaboration with GLOW. This specific project was realised in collaboration with the student team IGNITE. All in all, we can say that the students are really enthusiastic. And this is reflected in the facades of so many student houses in the city. Heart-warming!

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