Stay Tuned


Stay Tuned is a story about you and me.

This is a project in which Eindhoven Central Station and The Social Hub will put the very smallest in the picture. It’s a quest of balance between man and technology.

Technology cannot exist without collaboration. It begins and ends with humans, it’ s an exploration of the unknown the art of getting lost and finding your way home. The story is about fascination and wonder of big concepts in small sizes. The smallest manufactured item has become essential in our modern world.

Stay Tuned is a spectacle of image and sound, an invitation to be amazed and inspired. We work on great things in the Brainport region; the smallest manufactured item has become essential in our modern world Lithography machines make chips. We think big in immeasurably small size.

A station square is a place in continuous motion, an important backdrop for the Stay Tuned projection. Commuters and pedestrians contemplating the location’s history to all those dreamers curious about the future. Stay Tuned is for everyone.

Our progress, development and survival are impossible without the collaboration and cooperation of individual knowledge. It’s the perseverance and daring of thinkers, makers, dreamers, doubters, artists, and many others. Everyone counts.

From large to small and back to creating something very big again. From humans to technology, back to human beings. Get inspired, stick around, join in…


With this work, ASML has created a stunning installation. It’s a remarkable projection that you’ll remember for years to come. and a great vision of GLOW. A piece in which the collaboration with ASML leaves an unforgettable impression of the convergence of knowledge, technology and creativity.

As the leading festival partner, ASML was challenged to develop a light artwork that connects Eindhoven with its visitors. Therefore, from January 2022, ASML worked on a light artwork in the GLOW Labs that suited the theme of GLOW 2022 and ASML as a company. The employees, introduced below, formed a group of talented individuals who joined forces with creator and mapping artist Dirk van Poppel. Together they processed the theme into a warming, innovative light artwork. Made on home territory.

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" B e n j e e r k l a a r v o o r ? G a z i t t e n o f b l i j f s t a a n o p h e t S t a t i o n s p l e i n . R i c h t j e g e z i c h t o p d e S t a t i o n s g e v e l . V o o r j e o g e n w o r d t h e t g e b o u w o m g e t o v e r d t o t e e n v i n t a g e - s t i j l r a d i o . H e t s p e k t a k e l b e g i n t . "

About the artist

ASML x Dirk van Poppel


Horatiu Hudin, is 26 years old and works as a Legal Operations Specialist at ASML. He moved to the Netherlands seven years ago, but is originally from a small town in the Transylvania region of Romania. Horatiu has always been fascinated by technology and innovation in general. This year he was given the chance to work closely on the ASML project. Van Gogh’s Sunflowers are among his favourite artworks but, as ambitious as he is, he hopes that this project will be even more inspiring and amazing.

Jos Verhagen, a versatile artist born in 1960 in Geldrop, a village close to Eindhoven. He studied electronics and worked at Philips in Eindhoven. ASML was a client at the time. From a young age, Jos was focused on making art in Eindhoven. He was around in the early days of ‘Het Jeugd atelier’ which later became SKE. A centre that focused on painting, sculpting etc. The SKE was later taken over and we now know the centre as CKE. A leading organisation in Eindhoven, focused on all levels of art, where Jos developed the basic principles.

Ralph de Pagter, (1965) has worked at ASML since 2000. Using the Feedback Loop Competence he trains and supports ASML engineers to use historic data as a learning activity. He uses the results to improve the newest ASML designs. As well as technical expertise, he is also specialised in various photographic disciplines and has taken part in international photographic competitions. Within ASML he combines quality-oriented work with creative and social projects, such as Stay Tuned For him making art is a fascinating and satisfying process, especially if the audience or general public recognises the effort and appreciates the results.

Ralph Reijnen, lives in a small village in the Achterhoek (Gelderland) and has always been interested in the Eindhoven technology scene. Ralph is a project manager within the Pellicle programme. For him, it is important to achieve goals together with his team, to support people, to find simple solutions to tricky problems and to coordinate this within the project and the programme. With his clear interest in technology, he looks forward to GLOW every year. Now he is proud to have contributed to GLOW 2022.

Senna Eijkemans, is pleased to be a part of the ASML GLOW Lab. At ASML she works as an IT user support employee. A job that requires a combination of hospitality and knowledge of IT. She is not shy about her love of flowers. As well as her job at ASML she also runs an online dried flower store. After thinking out-of-the-box for years, she has – in her own words – trained her brain to come up with the craziest ideas and to connect all the dots. This results in unique ideas, like Stay Tuned.

Tim Nevels, is extremely curious and is keen to find out how things work. He loves analysing processes and coming up with creative solutions. He is inspired by new developments and technologies and wants to show how creative you can be with technology. It is with good reason that his favourite artwork is Escher’s Relativity. When asked what his work-signature is and how others can recognise it, he says: just deliver quality. Short but sweet.

Accompanying Artist

Dirk van Poppel
Born in Eindhoven, Dirk van Poppel is the artist who supervised the ASML GLOW Lab. Together with the team, he succeeded in striking the perfect balance between craftsmanship and modern techniques. His research at the art academy taught him to look and to experience what art can and may be. As a mapping artist, Dirk has been involved in GLOW for years. He tries to add a new element to the world of 3D mapping every year. For example, the Stay Tuned technique is groundbreaking. The Centraal Station, the Student Hotel and the projection on the ground all work together as one entity. The inspiration for this art lightwork came from his intuition and the wonder it evokes. Dirk is able to transform thoughts and language into images. This needs no explanation, no reason. Yet he succeeds in amazing people with something they don’t fully understand.

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