Let’s BEAT Waste!

Let’s BEAT Waste!

Villa de Laak, Parklaan 99

‘Let’s BEAT Waste!?’ ‘Let’s BEAT Waste!? One call to action and one question for the visitors of GLOW. The artists from Fontys BeCreative don’t use the word BEAT for nothing. We shall beat that waste! A beautiful ambition that visitors can see with their own eyes and discover. A beating heart, which will be fuller and more perfect when waste is disposed of. The interactive artwork consists of two main parts. The enormous mechanical heart that has panels that move and 4 smart trash bins. The bins and the heart are connected by led tubes, whereby visitors get a reaction when they throw waste in the trash can. As the waste piles up in the four trash bins, the panels close. So that the heart will become complete. Next up the heart will glow and the lights will clump together to a beautiful red heart. The message is clear: keep the city clean.

The heart represents the state of our community in the city. How cleaner the community, the better the heart is. The trashcans invite people to keep the city clean. The more bins are filled, the bigger the joint art. Fontys BeCreative communicates with glow about recycling, the consumption culture, environmental awareness and how much or how little the actions of an individual have effect on our society. he heart beats triumphantly when people see the effect of their, sometimes little, actions. To make the sustainability circle round, the heart has a low energy consumption and is made of reused materials.

Philips is a partner of Let’s BEAT waste!. Through innovations in technology, they contribute to making people’s lives healthier and better. Sustainability plays an important role in this. The students of Fontys in this project of Let’s BEAT waste! show it in a beautiful way.

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About the artist

Fontys BeCreative

This talented team of engineers all follow the minor BeCreative at the Fontys University. During this minor you learn how to approach technical challenges in a creative way and how to convert that into a concrete project. The minor starts every September and February and is accessible for HBO and WO students with a technical background. hallenging projects: from making an own escape room, to designing a robotic arm, to a bench that lights up to the beat of your heart. These are things that students are concerned with. And since a long time GLOW is a part of this.

This year the group consists of nine students, mainly third year students, who m follow different studies: Mechatronics, Electrical engineering, automotive and Product design. For everyone in this group art means something else. It is a collective effort by an artist or multiple artists that cause the individual to take a break from his own life. Dwells on the issue and looks at something from an unfamiliar perspective. Whether it be with joy, fear or awe is.

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