The Reed

Dommelhoef Archipel, Parklaan 97

‘I initially wanted to draw artichokes for this piece, because they are such beautiful plants when in bloom, but then I found the poem by Jan Hanlo…’ And so began the creative process of international artist Cindy Lo. As well as The poem ‘Het Riet’ written by Jan Hanlo, the history of the Villa Dommelhoef building serves as inspiration for this projection. Did you know that it was built in 1905 and is part of the historical heritage of Eindhoven? It has it’s characteristics ofart nouveau and neoclassicism. In 1933 it became an emergency hospital and after World War II the Muncipal Health Services (GGD) established itself here. We now know it as an Archipel location, but soon it will be home to affordable apartments. So, Villa Dommelhoef has already been a social building for more than a century, open to everyone.

The Reed can be described as a colourful, poetic journey through senses, landscapes, natural elements and human dreams. The music and sound design were composed by two musicians, Florine and Raphaël, who found inspiration for the symphony in Dutch history, poetry and nature. Every element of the projection is hand-made using real matter, such as paint, pastel and charcoal. These elements were then converted into video animation on the computer. The artwork is full of meaning and the symbols that appear are always linked to a part of the poem or a period in the history of the Dommelhoef building.

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" K u n s t i s e e n h e e r l i j k v o e d s e l v o o r j e z i e l "

About the artist

Cindy Lo

Cindy Lo is a visual artist based in France. She graduated as an illustrator and film animator in Paris. Her creations move between the worlds of moving images and sensory experiences. She makes short films and monumental 360° projection shows. Her impressive CV includes the Lyon light Festival, Lille Videomapping Festival and also the Sharjah Light Festival, where she was given a creative licence for six years. She also gives artistic workshops that are open to everyone. Her work explores different worlds, botany and biology, abstract art and human utopias. The forms and forces at work in nature are her inspiration. This is reflected in her illustrations, which have a dream-like quality. ‘I want to make art that makes people feel like it’s possible to create and live in a peaceful, harmonious world.’

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