Collecting Cultures

Collecting Cultures

Effenaar, Dommelstraat 2

Did you know you are only 10% human? Just 10% of the cells in your body contain genetic information. The other ninety percent contain bacteria and yeasts that are happy to digest your food and take care of your immune system. In short, the human body is a wonderful ecosystem consisting of various microorganisms. This micro-world is not visible to the naked eye and is not always understood, but the co-existence between humans and these organisms plays an important role in our lives. BioArt Laboratories presents Collecting Cultures, a long-term art project that reveals that these invisible ‘cultures’ on our bodies are a reflection of ourselves.

Regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic position or identity, we all carry the same microbes as everyone else. These microbes do not discriminate – they just need us to be human. That’s enough for them to take care of us. Using light art to show this invisible world is a beautiful way of presenting and sharing the diversity and inclusivity of Eindhoven. The artwork inspires people to look differently at connection. Fontys Hogescholen took samples from 3000 people, all represented in Collecting Cultures, in this projection of Urban Skin. These samples contained various bacteria and yeasts that were then cultivated into fascinating results with other worldly shapes and colours. There will ultimately be a permanent version of Collecting Cultures, developed especially for the municipality of Eindhoven.

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" A f k o m s t , s e k s u e l e g e a a r d h e i d o f i d e n t i t e i t : m i c r o - o r g a n i s m e m a k e n g e e n o n d e r s c h e i d "

About the artist

BioArt Laboratories

BioArt Laboratories is a young, dynamic bio-innovation from Eindhoven. The organisation is a driver of cross-pollination in innovations. It offers access to a laboratory, biomaterials, expertise and an international network, and works for science, nature, technology and creativity. It is the first organisation to question human perspectives on economy, ecology, design and environment. The artists who have joined forces at BioArt Laboratories are now internationally renowned. The Lab already has many award-winning innovations and solutions for societal challenges to its name. Thanks to dedication and years of commitment and inspiration to fully integrate a bio-community into Dutch culture. The pioneers stimulate bio-art in education and search for new connections and dialogues between the various groups in society and business sectors. They are also at the forefront of setting up talent-development processes, programmes and exhibition possibilities for young creative makers as a springboard for their further careers.

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