GLOW Interact: Urban Light in Transition

In search of new synergies

Friday 18 November, 2022
14h00 – 18h00
De Zwarte Doos TU/Eindhoven, Den Dolech 2

Invitees only

How can we do better with less light?
The energy crisis has sparked urgent discussions about light in the city. But the status quo of urban lighting has been increasingly questioned from other perspectives as well, such as the ecological, health and social-cultural perspective. Urban lighting needs to go into transition: “How can we do better with less light?” To find answers to this question, we need to broaden the scope on urban lighting far beyond visual performance linked to categories of outdoor space.

Wide range of viewpoints, presentations, discussions and light performance
GLOW Interact brings together experts from a wide range of viewpoints, such as ecology, health, art, policy, urban design and more. Together we seek new synergies between these perspectives. Next to lectures and discussion, we feature the presentation of the GlowLab ‘Cathedral of Light’ and the light performance ‘Perspectives’.


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Kamiel Spoelstra, Researcher at Netherlands Institute of Ecology NIOO-KNAW

Dr. Ir. Kamiel Spoelstra offers an ecological perspective on urban lighting. He is a research authority on how human activity, specifically lighting, influences presence and activity of species.

Craig Morrison, Light artist and Board Member International Light Festivals Organisation

Craig Morrison brings the perspective of the artist. He is active internationally as light artist, driven by social impact and sustainability.

Petra Hulst, Manager Lighting Design Signify

Petra Hulst represents the perspective from industry and sustainable lighting design. She is urban lighting designer, with experience ranging from architectural lighting to urban masterplanning.

Luc Schlangen, Senior researcher TU/e Intelligent Lighting Institute and Human Technology Interaction Group

Dr. Luc Schlangen represents the health perspective on light. He is a research authority on visual and non-visual responses to light and lighting.

Ellen de Vries, Het Lux Lab

Designers Ellen de Vries and Philip Ross integrate research into the future of urban lighting in their practice. They shaped the program of this event and created a special light play to supports the search for new synergies through light. Ellen presents the GlowLab ‘Cathedral of Light’.

Philip Ross, Studio Philip Ross

Ronald Ramakers, director GLOW

We don't know the answers. When we start a process new questions come. Our question is what is the impact of light and how does that relate to a festival?

Xavier Boot - Pianist

The style of piano master and composer XA4 is hard to define. That is because it is unique in it's kind. Acoustic piano is mixed with electronic extensions and soundscapes created with recorded samples from his old Bechstein grand piano.

Ralf van Lieshout - Moderator

As a communication strategist, I know better than anyone that effective communication does not start with the sender, but with the receiver.

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