Faites vos Jeux

Faites vos Jeux

Very different images are used in Faites vos Jeux as stakes for a large-scale game. With a small intervention in 2012, the building of Lage Landen was turned into a giant spring, a flying saucer, or a birthday cake.

Without paying much attention, we suddenly see a massive striped sweater, an aerodynamic jet engine used by NASA to propel a space shuttle, a stack of waffles, or an endless stream of notes. Are we looking at Sumerian scripts?

No, not at all, it’s the new work of Skertzò! It’s funny, it’s crazy, and it’s interactive. You can create Chinese portraits, make people fade, compose a million different poems. Add your own images and play the game in this beautiful project.

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About the artist


The French group Skertzò consists of Jean-Michel Quesne and Hélène Richard.

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Projects. 2012.

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