Falsche Frage

Falsche Frage

The underlying structure of this installation is based on a pattern of geometric figures: a point of origin, squares, circles and cubes. Geometry creates the balance we need for our mental well-being. These figures and their symbolic meaning have been used since ancient times, particularly in religion and metaphysics. In the form of burial mounds, cathedrals and even the painted dot on the forehead in some cultures. They also play a role in architecture, urban planning, street maps and the design of town squares. In the Falsche Frage/Lux installation, Vreuls places flashing blue lights on the five circles expanding out from the point of origin.

The paradox between the installation’s geometric balance and the irregular flashing pattern is countered by the even distribution of the lights. Operating in unison, they rhythmically create a complete circle of blue light, in perfect silence. The spectator is either perturbed or bathes in the blue light in a hypnotic state.

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About the artist

Charles Vreuls

Charles Vreuls is an artist, painter and draftsman. Similar to his work, Charles Vreuls can be described as somewhat mysterious. He doesn’t like to explain his motives behind his work. And why would he also give explanations when the denominators under which he presents his work are already so poetic. For example, the past had titles such as ‘Berichte aus der Ferne’ and ‘Im Abendland’; titles representing a series of work in various forms. Drawn, painted or as an installation. Charles was educated at the Tilburg Art Academy and the Amsterdam State Academy of Fine Arts and has exhibited frequently at home and abroad.

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