Led Light District

Led Light District

The Led Light District is a 16-meter long light tunnel with 32000 LEDs. Combined with sound effects and our amazing animated light tunnel controlled by software, it will lead you into a brand new fantasy world.

About the artist


3Beam is a successful Entrepreneurial Lab project of TMC, started in 2017. 3Beam is an initiative of a group of international engineers who love to combine technology and art. They all use our free time to working on our project.
And at the same time, they are a open source project that welcome everyone, who would like to contribute to the project.

Viktor Baukh (Founder, Architect), Juan Francisco Sánchez (Animation Artist), Michael-Dennis Biemans (Software Engineer), Toine Kuipers (EME engineer), Peter Stockmann (Music Composer), Inna Ivashko (Software Engineer), Xiaoxi Li (Project Lead), Erik Rakhorst (Software Engineer), Cindy Rakhorst (Light Artist), Ana Sancho (Light Artist), Lucien Penlap Woguia (Light Artist), Robin Belpaire (Engineer), Thanh Ngo (Mechanical Engineer), Roel Kusters (Trainee Software Engineer), Harry de Groot (Engineer), Jurij Morzevic (Graphic designer)

Partners: TMC, ProPixeler, Devlaeminck Audio Engineering


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