Step into the Light 2.0

Step into the Light 2.0

Moravia wrote and Jean-Luc Godard adapted the book “Il Disprezzo” into the legendary film “Les Mépris.” Just as the moment of a significant life change can feel monumental and magical, so is the film music of “Les Mépris”: monumental and magical. It hasn’t been long since the insight came to use light as an emotional means of communication. By focusing light into strong, infinite, long rays and the ability to manipulate this bundle, we started thinking about light differently. Light can transform space and create fictitious new spaces. The grandeur of the space felt when standing in the City Hall Square is characterized and defined by the architecture of the surrounding buildings.

“Step into the light 2.0” is a further development of a work that Michel Suk brought to GLOW in 2016. In this piece, the architectural surfaces of the buildings on the square are utilized and dramatically highlighted through light. “Step into the light” is therefore more distant from the spectator, creating an element of surprise and grandeur. Just as magically monumental as the film music of “Les Mépris,” the light beams on the City Hall Square also evoke a magical and monumental feeling.

At the core of Suk’s works is the aspect that the spectator feels small in comparison to the artwork. This year, this aspect is taken to a higher level by simply increasing the size of the installation and the number of lamps used. The contrast between the environment and the sharp light beams of white light characterizes Suk’s style. Additionally, the rhythm in the arrangement of the fixtures is in perfect symmetry.

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About the artist

Michel Suk

As a lighting technician and designer, Suk has been working in the field of light-art since 1980. His commitment to GLOW is admirably great. Sometimes in the background, but quite often visible with his own projects such as “Out of the blue” (2007) “Rejoice in the Lamb” (2010), “Schoonheid van stagnatie” (2011), “Transformatie” (2012), “State machine” (2014), “Opening stadhuis” (2015) and now, in 2016 with “Step into the light”.

By using conventional techniques, Suk tries to create installations that surprise us. A new perspective forms the core of his work, either by replacing spectators or using light sources in unusual shapes. The use of space often leads to larger installations which enhances and enlarges the relation between the object and spectator. The installations are always empowered by a supporting audio source.

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