Above an ink-black body of water hang five plastic tubes. Dancers crawl up and down inside them, anchoring themselves with hands, elbows, shoulders, feet, and buttocks. Due to the transparent nature of the tubes, the dancers appear to be floating in space. The choreography is subtly illuminated and reflected on the water surface.

The actors’ freedom of movement is limited as they can easily slide downwards. However, the positions they can assume have a profound effect. They reference themes such as birth, struggle, acceptance, captivity, liberation, growth, and decline. Like in a laboratory, we observe human life in its most elemental form.

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About the artist

Öff Öff Productions

Swiss Öff Öff Productions’ performances take place at the intersection of dance, theater, and acrobatics. They perform outdoors, often on or alongside buildings, bridges, or other architectural structures, as well as on self-built installations.

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