WANNAPLAY is an ‘urban playground for adults’ in which light, music, city and audience come together. This work of art consists of an interactive installation of 16 swings with luminary seats. While swinging, an exciting play of light comes into motion in which every swing acts as a musical instrument. Together the swings form an genuine orchestra.

The sound design by Mark Thur transforms the movement of each swing into music which has been created by local composers, for GLOW only. So, the way you swing will have its impact on the composition.

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About the artist


WANNAPLAY is the first installation of WANNAPLAYGROUND, a project by Boiten&Thunissen. After years of experience with music theatre and concerts, music theatre director Caecilia Thunissen and scenographer Jan Boiten felt compelled to find new ways to bring contemporary music closer to the public. They wanted to get the audience out of their passive, dark theatre seats by replacing the red, velvet seats by moving, luminary swing seats.

WANNAPLAY came into being together with the help of the AVRO Culture Fund, the Prince Bernhard Culture Fund, Ijslander Ltd, AFK, Fonds 21, Dioraphte Foundation and Apart Studio.

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