Waterfalls of Light

Waterfalls of Light

For GLOW, the three-story building of the Nutsbedrijf Regio Eindhoven (NRE) at the harbor head of the Eindhoven canal has been transformed into an immense light artwork. A fitting intervention for a building that houses an energy supplier. The building was put into use in 1992 and is located on the site of an old gas factory.

40,000 small lights are attached in long lines above each other across the entire width of the facade. The light points resemble raindrops or a waterfall and are beautifully mirrored in the calm water surface. Moreover, the lamps are programmed in such a way that their intensity is not constant. The appearance and experience of the luminous curtain, the building, and the water are subject to change. The installation is accompanied by a sound program.

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About the artist

Binini + Cano

Architect Alain Binini has been collaborating with Christophe Cano on light projects since 2001.

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