Museum Monster Van Abbe

Take over the Van Abbemuseum

Take over the Van Abbemuseum

Come to the Van Abbemuseum on Sunday 13 November at 17:30. This is the day that the Museum Monsters will take over the Van Abbemuseum. The monsters will be illuminated on both the inside and outside of the museum. But don’t tell anyone, it’s still a secret.

Do you want to draw a Museum Monster too and see it life-sized on Sunday the 13th? Find out how you can join in here, so that your monster will be illuminated in or on the Van Abbemuseum. Everyone will be amazed, because all the big, small and creepy monsters will come out to play. Wow!

Psssst: don’t forget to wear your Monster Badge so that other members of the club can recognise you!

Sunday 13 November

18.15 uur

All children gather at the Havenhoofd.

18.20 uur

All Museum Monsters walk to the Van Abbemuseum together with Hugo Vrijdag and the Strobilophones

18.30 uur

The Museum Monsters take over the Van Abbemuseum.

19.00 uur

The End! All children will get a Monster sticker.

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