GLOW shines at Eindhoven Airport

At Eindhoven Airport, you can admire three different artworks in the showcases created by artists who previously exhibited their light art during GLOW Eindhoven. Until the end of January 2024, you can explore works by Studio Toer, Fontys University of Applied Sciences, and Aptum, including butterflies from the earlier project by ASML & De Efteling.

ASML & De Efteling with Connecting your Love

For the 2022 GLOW edition, ASML employees collaborated with the chief designer of De Efteling, Sander de Bruijn, to connect GLOW visitors. The butterflies from Connecting your Love, which magically flew through Eindhoven last year, have now landed at Eindhoven Airport, offering travelers a welcome or farewell greeting. This year, the butterflies will also warm the hearts of visitors during the Winter Efteling, from November 13, 2023, to February 4, 2024.

Studio Toer with Candle Light

As part of the city campaign ‘Wrap up the Year,’ 18 candles illuminated 18 Septemberplein during the dark days of the year. Currently, you can admire them at Eindhoven Airport until the end of January. In daylight, they sparkle with sun reflection, and at night, the candles come to life, shining brighter as you approach. Studio Toer is a versatile design collective based in Eindhoven, founded in 2011 by Castor Bours and Wouter Widdershoven. Since then, they have created impressive light artworks for prominent international festivals, maintaining their strong connection to Eindhoven by producing numerous editions for GLOW.

Fontys University of Applied Sciences with Eye of the Storm

Eye of the Storm blinks and looks around inquisitively. It seeks to capture your attention as a visitor and convey a message because we are sometimes so engrossed in the storm around us that we forget to look, see, and observe what truly matters. This light artwork was created by students from Fontys University of Applied Sciences Engineering during their minor in light art. They won the jury prize of the GLOW Talent Award, a prestigious prize that grants the team further development opportunities and a monetary award of €2500.

Aptum with (N)EVER

(N)EVER is an artwork that plays with the duality of words and delves deeper into the human psyche. It consists of five separate, luminous letters with an impressive total width of 5 meters, radiating in intense red. The central element of (N)EVER is the first letter, ‘N,’ which moves like a gentle breath, seven times per minute. Slow and deep, like a breathing technique that draws attention to the present moment, serving as an enlightening rhythm for the mind.

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