ADHD Brains

ADHD Brains

ADHD Brains is an installation about stimuli. Stimuli, stimuli and yet more stimuliā€¦ The more stimuli this brain experiences, the more agitated it becomes. The brain of a person diagnosed with ADHD experiences this every second of the day! The installation is an enlarged brain with an enormous number of tiny lights. The busier it is near to this work, the more lights will flash rapidly.

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About the artist

Sint Lucas VMBO

SintLucas is a school based in Strijp-S since 2016, with a wide range of creative-technical courses at the VMBO and MBO level. The students work on various projects, such as Extrema Outdoor, stage and event techniques (for example the Parktheater), audiovisual productions, and shaping of street furniture.

Within their project education, students from different fields of study can work together on a project. These assignments include the wide area of SintLucas for training. From briefing to production guidance, from design to product and from proposal to invoice. Students are responsible for the best service to the client.

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