Circle of Light

Circle of Light


These iconic lamps would end up as waste if it weren’t for Har Hollands. This second life is completely different in character than what the fixtures were originally intended for. ‘Circle of Light’ is made from streetlights that used to illuminate the Tilburgseweg, an important access road in Eindhoven. They have undergone a transformation from a functional lighting element into a component of this light installation, that pays tribute to coloured light. ‘These strange lights along the Tilburgseweg have now literally and figuratively been put in a different light.’

Many residents of Eindhoven will recognise the iconic fixtures as part of the city. So, it’s extra special that they will now illuminate the very heart of the city, on the Stadhuisplein. The title refers to the circular arrangement of the 72 luminaires that are programmed in such a way that a coloured circle is created with primary light colours of red, green, blue and their secondary colours. A subtle movement in the programming has created a dynamic play of colour transitions and contrasts. The contours of the Tilburgseweg are visible around this circle, leading visitors past the light installation. ‘As enthusiastic light designers from Eindhoven, we are always looking for new opportunities and possibilities. As soon as it became clear that the lighting along the Tilburgseweg was going to be removed, we immediately made efforts to acquire the fittings, to give them a second life in the world of light art.’ Signify ushered a new era for smart home lighting 10 years ago with Philips Hue. By now, using your mobile as a color palette to embellish your interior with all the colors of the rainbow has become a standard. This served as a source of inspiration for Circle of Light.

What’s great is that you can give the lighting a third life. After the festival, it is possible to acquire a piece of the Tilburgseweg lighting. Dit kan door contact op te nemen met het Eindhovense “Krachtstroom040

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About the artist

Har Hollands

Har Hollands Light architect is an independently operating light design studio situated in Eindhoven, “the city of light”. He has a clear focus when creating suitable and adaptable architectonic light effects and climates for the exterior of buildings and their inside spaces. Har also creates designs for shopping centres, public spaces – paved or green, historic locations, industrial heritage sites, monuments and civil engineering works. The creations always have a poetic, dramatic and magical power. ‘The city of Eindhoven’s attention for lighting and light art is inspiring because people in the public spaces regularly encounter inspiring lighting solutions or light artworks. As GLOW is also a podium for more experimental light art, it often includes surprising and therefore even more inspiring effects.’

This project is sponsored by Krachtstroom040 and Smartlight.

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