The installation Connect is about connections. Thoughts often follow each other in rapid succession, unconnected and separate from each other: they seldom follow a single line. This inspired the students at SintLucas to think about the concept of connection, and they came up with the idea of lines. They wanted to draw lines between people. On both sides of the road on a raised platform there will be a pressure sensor. Erected on the platforms are illuminated tubes that are rapidly changing color. When both the foot sensors on the platform have been pressed, the colors on both platforms follow each other, come to rest and, in doing so, symbolize the connection between people.

Connect challenges the GLOW public to let tranquility in through connecting: literally connecting with the other side of the road. These students teach the busy city folk a lesson!

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" W e a r e l i k e i s l a n d s i n t h e s e a , s e p a r a t e o n t h e s u r f a c e b u t c o n n e c t e d i n t h e d e e p . "

About the artist

Sint Lucas MBO

SintLucas MBO Eindhoven is an extraordinary school. The school develops itself as a creative community which operates in the heart of the society. Inside and outside the school, online and via social media, 24/7 and international. SintLucas cooperates to create a future in the creative industry for an inspiring group of students. The study programs are a part of Concept&Design, Design&Crafts, Media&Technology Design and Event Management & Media Production.

The work is created by Daan van der Cruijsen, Kaspar Daamen, Dian van den Heuvel en Hugo Bosmans.

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