courtyard DOMUSDELA, Kanaalstraat 4

Tom&Lien Dekyvere’s work ‘Culture’ depicts the issue of food supplies in a humorous way. The Urban Skin, as the design of a city, can contain other constructions to provide food. A fusion between the splendor of organic cultivation, permaculture, the hugelkultur (an ancient, sustainable way of horticultural technique) and the high-tech cultivation with vertical gardens that you now see in urban areas. With the installation by Tom&Lien Dekyvere you can literally taste GLOW.

The healthy snack vending machine that you will find in the courtyard of DOMUSDELA sells delicious tomatoes grown under a special pink light recipe from Signify. The LED lighting increases the constant yield and quality of crops, so that cultivation can be done all year round and production remains constant. By placing the greenhouse in the public space in a humorous way, the artist duo portrays this theme. You see the greenhouse, the plants and the lamps with their specific blue-purple color, and at the same time we hear the sound produced by electrodes on the leaves. Analog synthesizers convert the sound into a trance-like composition. Are you going for the healthy snack?

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" D u r f j i j n o g t e e t e n v a n d i t s o o r t t o m a t e n ? O f t o c h m a a r l i e v e r d e m o e s t u i n ? "

Projects. 2022.

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