Don't Break the Light

Don't Break the Light

Light is lightning fast and always around us. Only when we take time to look we will be amazed with how different light colors mix and how light refraction gives color to our perception.

Don’t break the light is an invitation to reflect on the vulnerable quality of light.

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About the artist

Het Lux Lab

Ellen de Vries, The Lux Lab, was inspired by the phenomenon of light from an early age. She started as a lighting designer for theater and video productions, but after a while of experimenting, she switched to Philips Lighting.

This is where the poetry of lighting and its technical side come together. She has been leading the independent lighting design and consultancy firm Het Lux Lab for 15 years. With ‘HET LUX LAB’ Ellen de Vries has made several light master plans for cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Willemstad (Curaçao). She also develops and realizes concepts for temporary projects as a basis for scientific research or for light art festivals such as GLOW.

Partners: Techdynamics – LivingProjects – Koen Appels – Emma District

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