‘Make a wish and help other people with it!’

The Wensfabriek is back again. In the cheerful and busy route of GLOW you will find a moment of peace in the Wensfabriek; a piece of light artwork in the magnificent Paterskerk of DOMUS DELA. Here you have a moment of peace and space to reflect; with yourself or even with someone else. Light a small candle in silence or fabulously show your wish.

During GLOW you can have your wish being projected as a piece of light work in the Paterskerk and together we are going to make a magical spectacle of it. So, is it someone’s birthday soon? Are there any sick people nearby? Are you going to take an exam? Are you looking for the one? Would you like to see your loved ones more often? Would you like a change in your life? Make a wish in the Wensfabriek.

You can report your wish you would like to have projected to the members of the Rotary Eckaerde in the Paterkerk. There are no costs involved. For lighting a small candle Rotary Eckaerde will ask to pay 2 euro and the revenues completely go to charity: poverty reduction in Eindhoven.

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About the artist

Rotary Eeckaerds & Har Hollands

The Wishfactory is an initiative of Rotary Eckaerde in association with light architect Har Hollands and facilitated by DOMUSDELA and Hutten.

‘Har Hollands Light Architect’ is a light design agency, located in Eindhoven and operates internationally. It focuses on creating appropriate and customizable architectural light effects and climates for the exterior of buildings and the indoor spaces respectively. It also designs lighting for shopping centres, public areas, historical sites, industrial heritage, monuments and civil engineering works. The agency also creates autonomous lighting installations where the poetic, dramatic and magical power of light is used. http://hollands.info

DOMUSDELA sparkles and inspires people to meaningful meetings. The place where immense happiness and intense sadness coexist. Just like in our life. Mariënhage Monastery sets the scene. While enjoying food and drink inside and outside there is room for stylish celebrations – from modest to exuberant. You can stay longer or shorter and relax. Experience the feeling of coming home and enjoying the stillness in the garden or join Brasserie Rita. Stay overnight in the luxury boutique Hotel Mariënhage. Or go to a concert, reading or event at this location. https://domusdela.nl/

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