Exploding Wire

Exploding Wire

Lightning is an awe-inspiring phenomenon. Fabulously high electrical currents in the air trigger an explosive thunder and a lightning bolt of many kilometres. Light artists Ivo Schoofs was the initiator of this impressive project and has been involved ever since. In co-operation with the EES group of the Electrical Engineering faculty, the EPG group (Elementary Processes Gas-discharges) of the Technical faculty and the EPC of the University of Technology, a 100 metres’ high lightning bolt will be created above the river Dommel.

While generating this lightning bolt, the electrical voltage of many hundreds of kilovolts is needed and extremely high electric currents run through a very thin copper wire. When the lightning explodes, this copper wire can neither be seen nor heard, but the plasma induced, all the more! After every explosion, drones will replace the old copper for a new one.

The audience will be able to see the lightning from a safe distance across the riverside. Every ten minutes there will be another explosion.


Foto: Claus Langer


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About the artist

Ivo Schoofs & studenten TU/e

Realisation: faculties Electrical Engineering (EE) and Technical Physics (TN) of the University of Technology Eindhoven, the Equipment Prototype Centre (EPC) of the University of Technology Eindhoven, light artist Ivo Schoofs, Bluejay Eindhoven.

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