The chimney on the former Strijp-S factory site is set in a red glow. At the top, a fire is simulated that metaphorically represents the fire of a new generation to redevelop the area. Each generation takes over the torch from the previous one.

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About the artist

Har Hollands

Har Hollands leads a renowned lighting design firm based in Eindhoven, active worldwide. His specialization lies in creating effective and adaptable architectural lighting effects and atmospheres, both for the exterior and interior spaces of buildings. Additionally, he has extensive experience in designing lighting systems for various applications, such as shopping centers, public spaces, historical sites, industrial heritage, monuments, and civil engineering projects. What characterizes his work is the art of fully harnessing the poetic, dramatic, and enchanting power of light.

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Luci Light & Art Map

The permanent light artworks from GLOW are also included in the LUCI Light & Art Map. This map offers residents and visitors alike the opportunity to explore the captivating world of light art installations in the open public space. The map not only showcases the beauty of light art but also fosters a global community of enthusiasts for these art pieces while providing visibility to artists on an international stage

Light and Art Map

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