Fantastic Planet

Fantastic Planet

Humanoid figures, twelve meters high, will invade the planet this year. These giants from afar will give the festival goers the impression that they have just landed and are cautiously exploring our ‘fantastic planet’. It was the 1973 Czech/ French film “Fantastic Planet” which inspired Australian artist Amanda Parker to create this light installation. The science fiction movie depicts the story of an unimaginable, distant future in which human beings are a savage race in a world full of gargantuan humanoids.

How do these creatures make you feel? Do they change the way you look at your environment?

The humanoid forms are in fact inflatables made out of white nylon 210 , a sturdy fire proof and water resistant material. These forms are inflated by air blowers and internally illuminated by LED flood and strip lights.


Foto: Claus Langer

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About the artist

Amanda Parer

Amanda Parer is an artist, originating from Sydney but now residing in Tasmania where her work is purchased both by public and private collectors. She has been nominated at various prominent national competitions, five times for the Blake Prize, as well as for the Glover Prize in 2008, 2012 & 2013.

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