Haasje Over

Haasje Over

The term “ leapfrogging” does usually not immediately refer to a building, but the unique spatial planning makes this name particularly striking. Because this building extends over the big hall, an interesting dynamic game of masses in public space is created. Due to the limited space between the masses, an interesting field of tension arises between the two buildings, Haasje Over and Area 51.

To emphasize this field of tension, lighting has been devised that can illuminate the underside of the large canopies with different colours and moving patterns. This gives the installation work at the underside of the overhang an extra role in the night-time appearance of the building.

Normally installation work is properly hidden by leaving it visible and even emphasizing it during darkness will strengthen the industrial characterof the area. All installation work produces interesting shadowpatterns, and with the introduction of colour and movement this illuminated matter will be further alienated from a readable structure. In this way an elusive dynamic game can be realized which takes place on the underside of Haasje Over but which also involves Area 51 and the public space.

For this permanent lighting installation and for the Leidingstraat lighteffects will be shown during GLOW 2021 which will be coordinated with the “Valley” project at the Ketelhuisplein.

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About the artist

Har Hollands

In the early eighties he graduated from the Eindhoven University of Technology, department “Architecture and Urban Planning”. After his studies, he worked as a lighting designer for 14 years at the Lighting Design & Application Centre of ‘Philips Lighting’. Started in 1998 with the office for architectural lighting: ‘Har Hollands Lichtarchitect’. From 2010 until 2014 he was curator of the light festival GLOW in Eindhoven. For several years he was a fellow at the Intelligent Lighting Institute of the Eindhoven University of Technology.

Trudo is an Eindhoven housing corporation that often does things slightly differently. Peole are at the center of everythingwe do. Our mission is “Supporting People”, we support our residents by making steps up the social ladder. Important themes for Trudo: availability, livability, affordability, sustainability and attractive places. Once it was decided that Skatehall Area51 could be maintained at Strijp-S, Trudo suggested building over the skate hall, as it were. The bridge building of “Haasje Over” floats over the hall, as it were.

At first glance, due to regulations the bottom of the bridge building should be closed. During Construction we still managed to keep the installationwork on the underside of the bridge building visible. This was the reason fot Trudo, together with Har Hollands, who also illuminated the pipeline system, to devise a light installation fort he bridgebuilding that emphasizes the tension between the bridge building and the skate hall and that establishes a connection with the artwork in Leidingstraat.

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