Het Oneindelicke Labyrint

Het Oneindelicke Labyrint

The mechanical engineering students of the study association W.S.V. Simon Stevin have built a grand maze for the Auditorium on the TU/e campus. With this maze, they kick off the festivities that will be celebrated in honor of the association’s 60th birthday.

When one thinks of students, beer undoubtedly comes to mind. As an inherent aspect of student life, the image of students just “drinking beer” can sometimes linger. To demonstrate that students can also do useful things with beer and put their knowledge into practice, the students built the labyrinth using beer crates from Bavaria Brewery. The structure consists of a whopping 12,000 beer crates and measures 40 by 45 meters, the largest ever built.

The labyrinth of King Minos in ancient Greece, called “Oneindelick,” was also filled with surprises at every turn. Inspired by this, the Mechanical Engineers have constructed a labyrinth where GLOW visitors can experience surprises, hopefully not encountering a Minotaur. To add an extra layer of excitement, the maze will be in the dark, and visitors can explore it using flashlights.



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About the artist

W.S.V. Simon Stevin

Jeroen Jansen and Tim Jansen are Project Managers of this artwork and are both mechanical engineering students at TU/e. The project is organized by the 12th Lustrum Committee of W.S.V. Simon Stevin, where Jeroen serves as the Vice-Chairman. Tim, the Commissioner of External Affairs in the 59th Board, is supervising this committee.



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