Every day, people use technology to get in contact with each other. Just think of phone calls, text messages or Skype conversations. And only recently, social media unleashed completely new ways of communication again. All technological links we use to make contact, influence the way we communicate and subsequently our social behaviour. But, what kind of influence are we talking about? And, how does this reflect our own behaviour?

The interactive installation ‘Intermedia’ explores the influence of technology as a link in human interaction. Try to communicate by means of the images that are taken by Intermedia of you and other GLOW visitors and experience yourself how your social behaviour is influenced by technology!

Foto: Claus Langer


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About the artist

TU/e Intelligent Lighting Institute

Intermedia is created by students of the University of Technology: Niek Baltussen, Joren Broekema, Camiel de Bruin, Zeno Kapitein, Daan Meister, Randi Nuij, Maró Postema, Tom van Rooij, Sara Schippers, Arjen van Vastenhoven and others, supervised by lecturers Mariëlle Aarts and Yvonne de Kort as well as designer Philip Ross.

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