Intermediate NML

Intermediate NML

Modulorbeat operates at the intersection of architecture, landscape, and design, undertaking interdisciplinary projects. These projects are often interactive and draw attention to public spaces as places for communication, exchange, and encounter. “Intermediate NML” is constructed from large water tanks encased in a metal shell and stacked on top of each other to create a towering structure. Inside the tanks are individual controllable light sources linked to a sound program.

“Intermediate NML” is placed at the back of the pop venue “de Effenaar,” on one of the terraces at Dommeltuin. The movement of visitors in and around the light effect directly influences the sound seemingly coming from all corners of the park.

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About the artist

Modulorbeat & Balestra Berlin i.s.m. Rot8ion

“Rot8ion” is a collaboration between software developer and musician Ralf van Meer and sound artist Rob van Rooij. They contributed to the sound program of “Intermediate NML” with a self-developed instrument capable of creating spatial effects, making the sound appear to come from different directions and the sound source to move. The sound program for this project consists of ambient sounds.

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