Licht op Vogeltrek

Licht op Vogeltrek

In the recently restored station building, various existing artworks are brought to the forefront by the luminary artist Michel Suk, whose light artistry adds a captivating touch.

Once again this year, the NS actively contributes to GLOW Eindhoven, igniting the light festival at the station for countless visitors. Inside the hall on the Centrum side, Michel Suk playfully illuminates and animates Lex Horn’s existing glass artwork ‘Bird Migration.’ As a result, the three round appliqué windows come back to life, exuding a renewed vibrancy.

From the freshly renovated restoration, visitors can not only relish delightful treats but also bask in the glory of a remarkable light installation, enhancing the grandeur of the monumental round windows. During GLOW, Station Eindhoven becomes the stage where Michel Suk unveils hidden gems once more, illuminating them in all their splendor.

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About the artist

Michel Suk

Michel Suk has been working as an illuminator and designer in this field since 1980. His involvement with GLOW is substantial, sometimes behind the scenes, but frequently with his own projects such as “Out of the blue” (2007), “Rejoice in the Lamb” (2010), “Beauty of stagnation” (2011), “Transformation” (2012), “State machine” (2014), “Opening city hall” (2015), “Step into the light” (2016), and ‘Step into the Light 2’ in 2017.

With conventional techniques, Suk strives to create installations that astonish. His works revolve around providing a fresh perspective by altering the spectator’s viewpoint or light sources in an unconventional manner. The use of space often leads to more extensive installations, thereby enhancing and magnifying the relationship between the object and the viewer. These installations are always complemented by a supporting sound source.

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