Light over Matter

Light over Matter

Har Hollands’ light sculpture designs achieve this equally skillfully. Light over Matter is a video projection which connects the concrete structures of the two neighboring façades of the tower. An animation has been created which incessantly bathes the tower in a different light, causing an effect of spatial flux as the tower and its segments continually change shape and vary in transparency. The moving light transforms the perceived rigidity of the tower into an elastic sculpture. Sound, composed by sound artist Rob van Rooy, accompanies this display of light and darkness.

The Hooghuis building on the Keizersgracht was designed by Rotterdam-based firm of architects Van den Broek en Bakema, and dates from 1975. This firm of architects produced the ‘Cityplan’, an urban development plan for the city center of Eindhoven, at the end of the sixties. After various debates and objection procedures, the Cityplan was finally shelved in 1974. The Zeitgeist had changed. People had realized that urban environments could be upgraded more effectively on a smaller and more organic scale than through large-scale city center remodeling exercises. The Hooghuis building is one of the few structures that resulted directly from the ambitious Cityplan. This office building comprises a two-floor base, which supports a tower with twelve floors. The two stacked building structures present a streamlined grid of horizontal and vertical lines of concrete and glazed surfaces. Light is a magical tool when used in the hours of darkness: the domain of fantasy.

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" O m n i s a r s i m i t a t i o e s t n a t u r a "

About the artist

Har Hollands

Har Hollands (1956) graduated in 1983 from the Eindhoven University of Technology at the department of Architecture and Urban Planning. From 1984 till 1998, he worked as lighting designer at the ‘Lighting Design and Application Center” of Philips Lighting. In 1998 he started the office for architectural lighting; Har Hollands Lichtarchitect.

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