Losse Eindjes

Losse Eindjes

During GLOW, in the Raiffeisenstraat, every day a new poem will appear based on the theme “Shadows and Light”, written by the Eindhoven city poet Jessica Bartels.
In these poems she encapsulates the Eindhoven identity as honestly as possible and exposes both the day-to-day of the city as well as its darkest secrets.

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About the artist

Jessica Bartels

Jessica Bartels. But you can call me Jess.
Self-proclaimed, and clinically, insane,
sometimes just commonly crazy, usually not.
Opinion not appreciated,
nevertheless, still opinionated.
Poet in residence of Eindhoven, aspiring fairytale writer, self-preserving hermit.
Carrying stories of the self, selling stories on the shelf, bleeding the written word necessary for one’s own health.
Doesn’t want to stay but can’t leave home, for she’s just as dainty as dismal as this city’s concrete dome.
Eindhoven; her fairy godmother, guardian angel, guiding light, fire door and so much more.

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Projects. 2018.

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