High Tech Campus, The Strip

The High Tech Campus may not be in the city centre of Eindhoven, but it forms an important part of GLOW this year. In between the buildings on the campus you can see the beautiful natural surroundings that are home to the Luna water feature.

Now, be honest. We have so many questions about our existential existence in the universe. The Moon (Luna) plays an important role in this. She is mysterious and yet peaceful. The universe gives us energy. The duality of the moon gets us thinking, but also keeps us calm and thoughtful. The breathtaking shapes of Luna provide a major technical challenge. The creation – a multidimensional fountain show – presented together with Monad by Anastasia Isachsen at the High Tech Campus – is calm, impressive and fluid. To support the performance and make it even more complete, this installation has been programmed to music. Together with the moon and dreamy soundscapes, the twelve changing orbs create associations with solar systems and galaxies. The whole thing has energy. Unforgettable. It makes you want to float and dance at the same time.

Luna by Janis Petterson can be seen with the installation of Monad by Anastasia Isachsen. Together, they create a poetic, enigmatic and profound experience. The water on the High Tech Campus provides the setting.

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" K u n s t i s a l t i j d o m j e h e e n e n h e t h o u d t j e l e v e n i n t e r e s s a n t e n i n s p i r e e r t j e o m m e e r t e d o e n "

About the artist

Janis Peterson test

Janis Petersons, the Latvian artist and owner of the company ‘Artistic’, is known for developing non-standard technical solutions. This multi-media fountain show with combined video projections and specially developed scenography is a perfect example, with added lights and laser equipment. As he says himself: “I’ve wanted to create and evolve my whole life.” As such, he finds his inspiration in the most mundane things. Natural materials, things he finds, and things he encounters in and around his home outside the city. He knows how to convert his thoughts flawlessly into light creations that make unforgettable experiences come alive at various events. He likes to play with light, water and colours, from meditative to energetic vibrations.

In doing so, Janis not only designs and creates. He realises everything right down to the last detail. From works for private events, public events, and large urban festivals, to making artworks and scenography for light festivals. Nothing is too crazy for him.

Projects. 2022.

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