Moving Light

Moving Light

Moving Light is an interactive installation that responds to human movement. In doing so, it makes the public complicit in the beauty of art: everyone becomes an artist! Through moving together, they create a joint light effect. The more energy that people put into their movement, and the more people who take part, the more spectacular the play of light will be.

Bring your whole family, your school class, your entire team of colleagues, wear comfortable clothes and move together! The light object has the form of a tesseract, a four-dimensional object, also known as a hypercube. A tesseract is a way to depict a four-dimensional cube in three dimensions. The audience can control the light with their movements in four dimensions.

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" T h e w o n d e r o f l i g h t i s h o w t h i s p o w e r f u l i n t a n g i b l e e n e r g y p h y s i c a l l y m o v e s u s .

About the artist

Philips Lighting Research & TU/e Intelligent Lighting Institute

Philips Lighting Research and the Intelligent Lighting Institute of the University of Technology in Eindhoven worked together to create Moving Light. The Intelligent Lighting Institute (ILI) researches new, intelligent light solutions, possible on a large scale due to the introduction of LED technology. Philips Lighting creates light to make people happier and safer, light that inspires, entertains, informs, makes cities better places to live in and meets people’s daily needs.

Moving Light is created by Alessandro Corbetta, Maurice Donners, Antal Haans, Fedosja van der Heijden, Matthijs Hoekstra, Ion Iuncu, Werner Kroneman, Timo LeJeune, Martijn Hultermans, Sjoerd Mentink, Randi Nuij, Sara Schippers, Federico Toschi, Marius Trouwborst, Sander van de Wijdeven en Walter Willaert in cooperation with Studio Lucifer and Studio Philip Ross.

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